Introduction to Indian Culture and Tradition

Learning the culture and tradition of a country is a great advantage. Whether you plan to visit, have a tour, or work in a particular country, the best thing to do is to gain knowledge about the people’s practices. The Indian culture and tradition is also quite unique from others. India is rich in culture and tradition. With regards to religion, Hinduism is the highest in number. There are also Indians who have the religion of Muslim, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism having the lowest number.

In terms of the Indian tradition, the most popular greeting is “Namaste” or “Namaskar”. So if you visit the country, you will usually hear this word. And there is the proper way to greet someone as explained in the video above. There is also the ’tilak’. This is a ritual mark on the forehead especially in women. It can be a sign of blessing, greeting, or prosperity. Garlanding is another part of the Indian tradition, get your china visa now to visit here 台胞證. It is offered to someone to show respect and honor or to welcome him.

There are also essential ornaments being used by Indians. This includes nose pin and Mengalsutra or Tali. Indians also have the “left hand and right hand belief”. When receiving something, Indians use the right hand while the left hand is used to clean yourself after using the toilet. Be careful of your shoes when you are in the country. This means that you are not allowed to wear shoes inside an Indian house especially if you visit someone’s house. You can travel here to experience their culture. Check references here 泰雅 for more. This is a nice company that provides good and best service ever.