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    Introduction to Indian Culture and Tradition

    Learning the culture and tradition of a country is a great advantage. Whether you plan to visit, have a tour, or work in a particular country, the best thing to do is to gain knowledge about the people’s practices. The Indian culture and tradition is also quite unique from others. India is rich in culture and tradition. With regards to religion, Hinduism is the highest in number. There are also Indians who have the religion of Muslim, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism having the lowest number.  In terms of the Indian tradition, the most popular greeting is “Namaste” or “Namaskar”. So if you visit the country, you will usually hear…

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    Indian Habits that Foreigners Don’t Understand

    When you have a tour at a country that you are not familiar with, there are many things that will make you surprised. The common habits of almost all of the citizens living in that country will leave you curious and at a shock. It is the same with India. There are some Indian habits that foreigners find strange and they don’t actually understand it. Tourists from the different parts of the world need to know about the common Indian habits though it’s difficult to understand.  In the video above, Americans are so curious about many things regarding Indian culture and tradition. Actually, it is not only Americans who are curious…

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